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SONGEVITY - Looking Up Through The Trees (Album)

SONGEVITY - Looking Up Through The Trees (Album)

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SONGEVITY is dedicated to creating beautiful music that is as endearing as it is enduring. The NY Times has described the music as "a slightly tricky derivation of hard bop" while Elmore Magazine says, "Rock, world, hard bop and street are all putty in this energetic trio's imagination and performance".

Alex Mercado - piano
Rob Duguay - bass
Gabriel Puentes - drums

1. The Seed Planter
2. Come By Me On The Bayou
3. Better Left For A Letter
4. Blues Be Lousy
5. Looking Up Through The Trees
6. A Gloomy Blooming
7. Ofay, Can You See?
8. Symphony in F Major Opus 90, Poco Allegretto
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