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Roni Ben-Hur - Love Letters (Album)

Roni Ben-Hur - Love Letters (Album)

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“When words fail, music speaks.”  That quote from the great Danish storyteller, Hans Christian Anderson perfectly captures the spirit of “Love Letters,” this latest album from virtuoso jazz guitarist, Roni Ben-Hur.  During his more than 40 years of performing, composing and teaching jazz, Roni has stood out as one of the most versatile, worldly and sensitive artists of his generation.  Whether coaxing his guitar to speak with scat-like agility or to whisper with gentle, melodic intensity, his message is always clear – this music comes straight from the heart.  

“Love Letters” is a musical mosaic of moments that invites us to reconnect with what matters most in life.  For Roni, what matters most is sharing love through music, and on this album he shares it with some of the leading voices in today’s jazz world, trumpeter, Ingrid Jensen, bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer, Jason Tiemann, performing four originals and five gems by other composers.

Roni Ben-Hur - guitar
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Ugonna Okegwo - upright bass
Jason Tiemann - drums

1. To Dizzy With Love
2. Seul, à Pari
3. Fair Weather
4. Lonely Town
5. Alegria de Viver
6. The House That Yosef Built
7. Faint Memories
8. Waiting For JH
9. Love Letters

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