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Marianne Solivan - Re-Entry (Album)

Marianne Solivan - Re-Entry (Album)

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Re-Entry, Solivan’s 5th album as a leader, immediately brings you into her world. With a voice that is powerful, warm, strong & supple, the perfect touch of seduction, and the ability to weave a story so well you get lost in it.  

Marianne’s gift is delivering the lyrics to you like a delicious morsel.  Whether it be the intensity of Wheelers & Dealers or the ethereal flow of Time Remembered, she is fully immersed in the words and music and delivers it to the listener as if they were old friends. 

In this album, you find a singer who has come into her own.  After years of performing and recording with NYC’s top instrumentalists, leading her own big band, and being the voice on numerous original music projects, she has landed on a repertoire that is uniquely her own.  Leaning on her Puerto Rican roots in Tal Vez and Debí Llorar and her love of Jazz tradition in I Burn For You (Fire Waltz) and If You Could Love Me, (for which she penned the lyrics), Solivan is squarely in her own lane here.  

Alongside a band that has clearly put in the hours playing together, you hear a sound that is focused with arrangements that allow Solivan to be nimble yet always supported.  Together creating a sound that is tight, balanced and full of energy. 

With her first two records having received high critical acclaim in both DownBeat and JazzTimeswe are sure Re-Entry will be recognized as a record to watch rise.

Marianne Solivan - vocals
Leandro Pellegrino - guitar
Steve Wood - bass
Jay Sawyer - drums
Alex Terrier - alto saxophone

1. Wheelers And Dealers 
2. Tal Vez
3. If You Could Love Me 
4. Time Remembered
5. I Burn for You (Fire Waltz)
6. Where Would You Be Without Me 
7. Live For Life
8. Debí Llorar 
9. Before It’s Time

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