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Too Noisy Fish - Jellyfish (Single)

Too Noisy Fish - Jellyfish (Single)

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Too Noisy Fish, the piano trio consisting of Peter Vandenberghe (piano), Kristof Roseeuw (double bass) and Teun Verbruggen (drums), is inspired by any musical genre, with the freedom of jazz being the common denominator. The original compositions by Peter Vandenberghe navigate between jazz, rock, techno, impro, film, classical, contemporary music... Let’s call it “Multijazz”

In 2021, Too Noisy Fish had its 10th anniversary. The trio invited a gang of equally free spirits to their birthday party to dive deeper into infinite countercurrent creativity. Too Many Fish was born! With Too Many Fish new musical textures are unraveled adding poetry, beats, scratches, horns, mallets,…This XL version consists of Belgian writer Dimitri Verhulst, trumpeter Bart Maris, saxophone player Bruno Vansina, Philip De Jager (vibes, marimba) and DJ Grazzhoppa.

Peter Vandenberghe - piano, compositions
Kristof Roseeuw - double bass
Teun Verbruggen - drums
Bruno Vansina - alt sax, flute, xun
Philip De Jager- vibraphone, marimba
Dj Grazzhoppa - turntables
Bart Maris - trumpet


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